Why You Just Lost A Stack Of Instagram Followers

So you have spent the last 24 hours panicking about a sudden loss of followers on Instagram and your mind is running to all sorts of conclusions. Did that last post offend? Am I suddenly unlikable? Am I in Instagram spanky town?

The answer to all of your questions is NO.

You have done nothing wrong at all. Simply, Instagram finally heard the call from all of us regarding the amount of awful bots and fake accounts on the platform and has purged them! YAH.

Maybe you don\’t see this as the great event that we do, because you\’re fixated on the amount of followers you have instead of the perfect customer/follower that you wish to attract. (The sort of followers that will interact appropriately with your brand and even buy your products/services.) But from this moment on .. please change that line of thought.

So your follower number may have decreased but who cares…they were never going to buy from you and therefore had absolutely NO VALUE AT ALL to your biz~!

As you were fellow cool kids… go now and continue on with your IG awesome.