Why Staying In Your Own Lane Brings More Happiness And Less Tears

A wise woman once said to me, \’stay in your lane Gayel, stay in your lane.\’
This became such a poignant moment in my recent history that I have gone on to write the words down all over notebooks, diaries, whiteboards, in messages and now the internet.

How To Know When You\’re Out Of Your Lane

* You find yourself doing some \’competitor\’ investigation (ahem..stalking).
* You have a feeling of imposter syndrome.
* You are bogged down in thoughts that others are copying you.
* You don\’t feel like your business is doing well enough but have no real idea what to do to fix it.
* You think their perfect client is your perfect client.
* You don\’t have a clear marketing or digital strategy to market your business for growth.
* You\’re not sure of your future goals and just hope you survive.

How To Know When You\’re In Your Lane

* You have no time to check out your \’friends in the same industry\’
* You know your space, your thing and your clients.
* You see copycatting a PIA but know it\’s a form of flattery so yeah baby 😉
* You know your business is doing fine and you have a plan for growth anyway so what has happened this week bears nothing on your future.
* You have a well-defined client avatar and you know that person inside out. You may even know what she loves to binge on NetFlix and that she loves plants, cats and dogs. Hello my name is Gayel and incidentally, I am loving Jack Whitehall: Travel With My Father.
* You have plenty of great Google and Facebook reviews (Those things are like gold my friend).
* You have taken a day out to write a clear marketing and digital strategy for growth and you read and deliver that thing like it\’s your gospel. 
* Nothing will distract you from your goals this year.

Now go forth in your lane.
No need for side glances or rearview mirrors.

You\’re even allowed to text in your lane, so if you feel you need help with getting your marketing/digital strategy together drop us a message on our contact form.