When You Can\’t Find The Words But Know Your Website Needs Blogs

It’s tough when you hear that the way to Google’s heart these days is via great content when you aren’t naturally a writer. I have seen the look on many client’s faces when I tell them to get blogging to improve their SEO and consistently there is a hint of fear behind their polite smiles.

I coach them through the how to’s and the what for’s. We chat about content plans and come up with a few ideas and I leave or hang up the phone looking forward to seeing them hit publish and begin their content marketing journey. But then, months later, there still hasn\’t been a blog published and I know exactly what the problem is…

They aren’t wordsmiths and have nobody within the business is willing to step in and write content either.

So despite all the good intentions, the blog link on their website still goes to a page where no blogs live [insert the sad face here ] and all of those great story ideas that we had brainstormed are either now well past their expiry date or still sitting waiting to be given life and shared with the world.

The thing is, there are easy fixes to this problem and it is all a matter of reaching out for tools/people to support you. Here are my suggestions to help you get on track with writing great content that will put you on the path to that great SEO you desire.


I have personally used Grammarly for years. Even the free version is a great way to ensure your content is error-free before hitting publish. There is a great chrome app also that checks your work as you type in the browser. Yah for that!!


I am pretty new to using Refly, but so far love it! This is an AI-powered editor that truly is the bomb. If you’re a goal setter that needs a little reminder, this one is for you. Not only does it proof your work, it offers you free stock images but also helps with SEO along with daily word count goals.

Get yourself a proofreader

Be brave and write fearlessly, then hand that baby over to a proofreader. It could be someone within your business or someone you hire externally to provide this service. I love this option because it can still be your words, just tidied up ensuring all spelling, grammar and flow of your story are perfect.

Hire a content writer

Now this one truly is the fastest way to get your content marketing up and running, but obviously requires some financial investment. The rewards of working with a great content writer, however, go far beyond improving your SEO. Client engagement of well written and topical articles/blogs is sure to go through the roof and you have had NO STRESS AT ALL in the process of creating the content.

Now without giving our team a plug here (but yes I am), we are available to proofread or create all of your content if you do so wish. We have just created some great monthly plans over here ….

So, no more dilly-dallying. Your business needs that content is written, get on top of it now and reap the benefits later!