What Makes A Visitor Leave Your Website

Sitting down in front of your website analytics can be daunting.  Understanding why your visitors are leaving your website in under 40 seconds can require you to possibly complete some basic Google Analytics training or call in experts to do a review.

At the end of that little mission you will be sure to have one answer; poor user experience or as it is in called in the web design world, UX.

Below I have briefly outlined some of the UX issues that could be holding you back from retaining your website visitors and having a successful site.

Poor Navigation

Nothing will drive your visitors away from your website faster than poor navigation.  Complex and inconsistent navigation throughout your site will frustrate your site visitors and send them off on their way faster than you can open your Google Analytics.

Bad Content Structure

Retaining users on your site and then converting them to customers can be hard, so good content structure that assists them to travel through your site quickly and easily, finding the information they are looking for is essential.

Having contact details, your products or services and information about yourself in prominent areas (like your main navigation) will enable your visitors to have a positive user experience and hopefully convert to a customer.

Page Speed

Page speed will not only see you struggle to gain ranking against your competitors, it will also cause your visitors much much frustration! And of course…clicks away.

You can do a quick and easy page speed check here if you\’re concerned this could be an issue for you.  To figure out how to optimise your site for page speed you can chat with us over on our contact page.

Auto-loading video/audio

Auto-loading video and audio may seem like a great idea at the time but can really put visitors off and will cause them to click away quickly.  Not everyone will be viewing your site with the freedom to have audio up or even have the data available to them to watch or listen.

Consider removing any auto-loading functions from your site, and give your visitors the opportunity to click when they are ready to absorb the content.

Required registration

This is a tough one.  On one hand, you want to collect email addresses to grow your list, on the other hand, you don\’t want to be taking from your website visitors before you have earned their respect and given plenty of information/content first.

I have a required registration here for the free resources I offer.  I am still in two minds if I will keep it running, however.  I figure I offer great content in the way of this blog and social media, so requesting an email to obtain a download of a useful document is fair.  However, if I notice in my analytics that people are leaving my site at this point.  I will reassess that decision.

So my take on this is simple if your request for a sign up isn\’t obnoxious and pushy or gating content that people really would prefer just to see immediately, then go right ahead.  However, if not, proceed with caution.

Uninteresting content

We have all hit on these sites, haven\’t we?  Boring pages and articles that offer little to nothing to users of the internet.   If you\’re wanting people to hang around your site, start giving them what they want to hear from you.  Solve their problems, offer them great products, be of service and ensure your website design supports a great user experience their journey through your site.

Bad Design

Well, this one should go without saying but sadly is missed by many.  Lack of mobile responsivity, too much \’design\’ over practicality and websites that forget that real humans want/need to move them with ease and speed all make a user want to click away fast.

Tip. Take these points and do a quick review of your own site, then use your Google analytics to dig further into where exactly these visitors are leaving your site, then work on making changes.