Using Google My Business to promote offers + how to gain next level insights

Hi again and welcome to our last blog in our series all about Google My Business (GMB) listings. So far we’ve chatted all about how to create your listing from scratch, how to make it look seriously fresh and now we’re going to run through how you can promote upcoming offers as well as gain some next level insights to help with the rest of your digital marketing efforts.

First up, let’s run through how you can use GMB to promote any upcoming offers/updates to potential customers.

Once you’ve logged into your current GMB listing, head straight to the left hand side bar and click on the ‘posts’ section. This is where you’ll be able to write and upload posts for customers on any updates but can be especially useful when you really want to push a current promo.


From here, the system is very easy to navigate and allows you to choose what kind of post you would like to create from the below options:

  • What’s New: For when you got some news or general updates that customers may be interested in eg: a new menu item.

  • Event: Is your business coordinating or supporting a local event? Add that here!

  • Offer: If you’ve got an upcoming sale eg: 20% off all stock, create an offer post and you can include the important stuff like coupon codes and T&C’s.

  • Product: Want to highlight a specific product that you are currently featuring? Create a product post with a title, photo/video and call to action button.

So, now that you have everything set up, your listing is looking 100% and you are posting regular updates/offers, how do you know who’s interested in your content and clicking away?

Using insights to lead your digital marketing efforts

First things first – head back to your listing dashboard and click in the left hand panel on ‘insights’. This is where all the good stuff lives – the data! Scroll through and you will be able to find the below information to help you pinpoint exactly what customers are looking for:

  • Search queries (words) used to find your business
  • How customers are searching for you
  • Where they found you on google – Either through a google search or within google maps.
  • Customer actions – Visiting your website, requesting directions or calling you.
  • Photo views – How many times your photos were viewed (this really helps in showing whether you are posting the content that people are looking for).

It’s a good idea to regularly check on these insights to help you pinpoint exactly how your customers are searching for you. This kind of data can be so useful not only in optimising your GMB listing but helping navigate other digital marketing efforts.

That’s a wrap for this series friends – we hope you’ve got some take away tips all about using Google My Business listings but as always if you’d like some extra help, get in touch with the team at Ethne.