The 2018 ethne. Wrap Up

Well what a ride 2018 has been for this tiny little business!  From one loyal client, to many old clients hearing I was back and them jumping on board, to meeting some of the most amazing and successful business owners that asked if I could work with them.

It has literally been nothing like I expected at all, but hey I am not going to complain.  I do have to give thanks to the people in my wings that gave me the boot up the backside to start ethne. and stood by cheering me on. Those days when I was wasting time worrying that I wasn\’t up for the massive task of building an accessible and affordable digital agency for small business, you guys had my back.

Thanks to you lot! You know who are.

Moving into 2019, we plan to roll out more useful content for small businesses in this blog.  It will be bite sized, useful and delivered to you in an easy to understand way.  I also look forward to personally helping businesses learn how to use their WordPress websites so that they can have the flexibility to make updates if they wish to.  Otherwise, yo! We are here to help. 

Can I also just say I did have some absolute star students in the last couple of months that took their WordPress site by the reins and mastered it.  Go ladies… you have got this!

Other topics we will be working with clients on will include their personal brand online, harnessing the wild beast of Google and content strategies that seriously take their digital marketing to the next level.  

I best not forget to mention the services of our hardworking SEO & WordPress development team here either or they will be giving me the eye roll from under their Santa hats.  They have worked tirelessly providing development services and repairing client\’s sites for optimum SEO and I have to say I am pretty proud of their efforts. 

Psst.. My big tip right now is to be sure you get Schema onto your website. Our team are able and willing to give you a hand with this.

On that note, I best be getting back to finishing off some very important projects, so we can all enjoy a proper Christmas break.  My little family and I are doing a purely Aussie Christmas, seaside with good friends.  Bubbles and prawns included 😉

If you aren\’t following us on Instagram, head on over to ethne. and give us a follow, I will endevour to share some small parts of our beachy Christmas along with some of my thoughts and feelings about the land of digital for 2019.

Merry Christmas everyone ! Have a fabulous one.