Our Process

How we like to roll a project out with you by our side...

Process Timeline

  • You Contact Us

    You make contact with us via phone or email and we make a time with you to catch up.

  • We direct you to our Website Application

    This is where you need to share all of the details you have on your project. It will help us to scope your project further with a view to providing you a proposal.

  • Design & Development Exploration Phase

    During this time we do our research from the details you gave us in your Website Application. 

  • We Send A Proposal

    This is the bit where we share with you how we are able to assist you in achieving your goals and what your investment will be to have us work for you.

  • You Take Time To Peruse The Proposal

    This is the part we want you to take some time and peruse. We want you to make sure that what we are offering in our proposal is what you see as an investment to your business. Sadly, many clients don't see value in quality website design and that's fine.

    We offer quality for your investment.

  • Accept or Not Accept

    Just let us know! 

    If it's a yah or a nah. We will not be offended if you don't feel we are a good fit or the cost of investment to work with us isn't in your budget.

  • Project Window Is Booked On Acceptance

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  • Days Before Project Window Start

    We will invite you to share with us your branding and content required for the project. You will receive a link to a private Drive folder just for you to upload these to.

  • Design & Development Phase

    So this is the bit we love... the messy, awesome sometimes challenging design phase that we take all you have given us and place this into a draft website.

  • Draft Site Approval Phase

    So this is the phase we nervously share with you our work in draft. 

    We very much hope we blow your mind away.. but if we don't thats ok too! You just need to share with us what needs to be changed.

  • Launch Day

    Queue the trumpets! Your site is about to be launched.

    Of course, we choose a day that is most suitable for you, but most importantly it is a day we are available in case things go a little wrong. Not saying that it does.. but its just smart to be around watching to ensure the draft site populates correctly.

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