Online Reviews Series: #2 Which review platforms to focus all your energy on

Well hello there! We’re back again talking all things ‘online reviews’ and which platforms you should focus that oh so sacred time and energy on. If you want to find out why online reviews are so important, check out our previous post in this series. Otherwise, keep on reading and we’ll break down some of the key players out there.

Google Business Reviews (our pick of the bunch!)

I’m just jumping right in and starting with my personal pick of the bunch when it comes to review sites – Google Business Reviews. Although I would of course advocate for gaining reviews from multiple sites to build up your business following, if you only have time to dedicate to one maintaining your reviews across one platform, google should be it! Gaining a positive star rating on your Google My Business listing (read all about those here) will do wonders for your search ranking and give you an automatic stamp of approval to customers searching for your products or services.

Facebook Reviews

Next up… we can’t forget social reviews! These days, if someone isn’t googling a business, they are turning to searching socials for it, so promoting your customers to review you on Facebook is super beneficial for ongoing sales and success. Facebook has a tonne of sneaky little algorithms and a good star rating from customer reviews is just one of the ways they can determine whether or not your business is shown higher in customer news feed’s and searches within the platform.

Tripadvisor (For our friends in the business of tourism & hospitality)

If you are in the game of travel or tourism, this one is a must for you! Tripadvisor is where a large percentage of travellers turn when planning where to visit for their next travel adventure and what to do while they are there. Whether your business appears in the the ‘top 10 things to do’ or ‘top 10 places to stay’ sections within the platform relies on how customers are rating your experience.

Zomato (For those foodie folks running restaurants/cafes/bars)

Last but not least is one for all of those folks running restaurants, cafes and bars – Zomato. Formly known as Urban Spoon, Zomato allows customers to review restaurants and cafes as well as search for these businesses by popularity, rating, location and plenty of other areas. The Zomato platform is useful for targeting both locals looking for recommendations as well as those travelling within your region looking for a nearby spot to dine out.

Those platforms are just a few of our favourite things in the world of online reviews and there are certainly plenty of others out there that we haven’t touched on. See you next time when we’ll go through the nitty gritty of how to make yourself active on those channels pronto.