New Feature Available – Scheduling For Instagram Without The Need Of A Third-Party App

Praise the social media gods! We finally have direct scheduling for Instagram

In case you’ve seen the latest news (and hype) coming out of the team at Facebook this week, we finally have the option to schedule instagram directly using Facebook’s Creator Studio. 

While we’ve seen a number of third party apps offer forms of planning posts for Instagram, this is the first time we will be able to natively post into the platform. Only time will tell whether using the creator studio will have the same rumoured effect that third party apps have on engagement of content that’s being scheduled but let’s keep those fingers crossed it doesn’t.

So how can you utilise the Creator Studio to get yourself organised as all hell when it comes to Instagram?

Make sure you are all connected

You’ll need to head over to and make sure you have a business Instagram page linked to your creator studio. Follow our steps below to make it happen!

  • You’ll want to make sure you are signed into your facebook account and then click on the Instagram icon in the centre of the top navigation
  • Head over to the left hand pane once in the Instagram menu and click on ‘Instagram accounts’
  • Click on ‘add account’ in the top right hand corner and follow the prompts to log into your business instagram account and you’re good to go.

As with most updates coming from the land of social media, Facebook has been slowly released the scheduling functionality to groups of users. So if like us you can’t quite see the option yet – don’t fear – it will be with us in no time!

The announcement from the scheduling gods brings up the age old debate of whether it’s more favourable to be scheduling your business channels or bringing out your spontaneity and sharing updates as they happen. I say, let’s do a healthy mixture of both. Without a starting point of a few scheduled posts per week we can get bogged down in the actual ‘doing’ in our businesses and lose track of time for posting on socials. BUT don’t feel restrained by that content calendar and post away when you have a win and just want to share it with the world (and your customers).

Of course, if all this social posting business is super overwhelming – let the team at ethne. know, we’ve got your back!