Introducing Specialised Digital Marketing & Design Services For Start-Ups

Isn\’t it just an exciting fabulous moment in time between when you formulate your new idea for a business and it\’s actual launch or open date?

Looking back to a couple of startups I have been a part of, feelings were BIG and the wonder and excitement of what the baby really would look and feel like by launch were super exciting.

But hey, being able to create one\’s own brand and market it to all necessary platforms was a huge help in limiting stress and financial outlay.

I recognise this isn\’t the case for most startups out there.  Often, they know what their brand looks like in their mind\’s eye, but find communicating this to professionals who can create what I like to call, the face of a brand can be hard.

Then of course after this face has been created, there seems to be a never-ending learning curve and financial outlay for a website, content and marketing.

So here at ethne. we have decided to throw together some very special packages for our new Start-Up Shop designed especially for the hardworking entrepreneur, brave enough to create a startup on a wee budget.

These packages are for basic brand development, website design and development, basic SEO, social media set up and content strategies and we promise to take the stress out of the tasks … leaving you only excitment!

Now if by chance you are ready to grab one of these packages straight away for your startup, mention this blog post for a 15% discount.

Also,  if by chance you have found this blog post by a friend or colleague sharing it with you, then they can have a 15% discount on any of the ethne. services their business may need also.  Because how kind are they for sharing?

Let\’s do this start-ups, let\’s go and create you something amazing that makes you PROUD.