Do You Need A Salesperson Or A Fabulous Digital Marketer?

Over the last 12 months, I have watched as colleagues and clients struggle to move forward in their business.  They seem to be checking all the boxes.  Salesperson on board, website, social media, email marketing list, Google ads yahdee yahdaa all being invested in but still no real return on investment.

Often they are feeling overwhelmed, disheartened and stressed as to where their business is heading.

However, on closer inspection of how they are going about gaining this new business, I could clearly see what the problem is.

***Enter the cringe factor here friends ***

These businesses have been using old-fashioned sales tactics that were once spruiked to all at sales conferences in the 80\’s and 90\’s with modern digital marketing.  EEEKKKK.

Enter the disaster.

Old Sales Techniques + Digital Marketing = NO SALES

Worse than just no sales though comes the long-term effects of brand reputation going down the gurgler.

Why do you ask

Well, it\’s like this; consumers are smarter these days.

They don\’t want the hard sell.  They want to see proof of the happiness they will gain in purchasing your product.  They want to see and read great content in the researching of this product and at no point do they want to be told if they don\’t snap this offer up right now they will never again see anything like it.  Because they will. Duh!

Cue the emergence of digital marketers, with all the sass and energy required to identify a brand\’s personality and begin to reflect this online in a manner that is honest and engaging to potential customers.

What tasks does a digital marketer do?

  • Develops, implements and manages marketing campaigns.
  • Improves brand awareness within the digital space.
  • Drives website traffic.
  • Assists in acquiring new customers/leads with marketing campaigns.
  • Creates great brand content in written, picture and video formats.
  • Manages social channels, email marketing and search advertising.
  • Utilises testing tools to analyze and optimise campaigns.

So could your business be utilising the skills of a digital marketer to harness your modern marketing? Or could your sales team require some digital marketing training?

Just some food for thought.  Here to help if required!  Just hit in your details on the Contact page.