Digital Storytelling For SEO Success – Fraser Coast Workshops

Our team has been busy working on a little something in the last couple of months which we think those on the Fraser Coast are going to love.

To cut to the chase, it was a very early morning meeting (6:30am to be exact!), over some avo toast that we devised the initial plans to deliver a series of digital storytelling workshops to local business owners that would have them rocking the creation and sharing of content.

Sheeeshhh … to say that I for one was initially overwhelmed with the idea of doing this is an understatement, and have to thank my fab team for continually pushing this one forward as they know as good as many in our industry that content is queen and that so many business owners struggle with it.

We also know that it doesn\’t matter how much you read about creating good content, often having someone taking you through the steps and teaching you how to use different tools in person is of far greater value.

So that\’s exactly what we are going to do and we want you there.

The details:

We have broken our lengthy amount of information into three workshops (to avoid that awful feeling of overwhelm) and will be hold each over consecutive Tuesdays from 6pm-8pm.

Workshop 1 March 19 | Digital Storytelling -The Basics

Workshop 2 March 26 | Creating Great Imagery To Tell Your Brand Story

Workshop 3 April 2 | Digital Content Planning & Scheduling

All workshops will have a workbook that we will work through and you can take away for future reference.


The Front Room – 399 Esplanade Torquay

A light meal and refreshments will also be served.


$85 per workshop or $240 for all three.

Bookings can be made by purchasing a ticket over on our workshops page.

Small Workshop Groups

To keep these little events intimate, we are limiting each workshop to 10 people. This will allow us time to answer plenty of questions along the way and for you get the most out of the sessions. So you must book your seat quickly.

Can you make it? We would love to see you there and then follow your digital content journey along the way.

Book your ticket now!