Creating A Fab Style Guide For Your Social Media

Well hey 🙂 Here I am back again talking about Instagram. Funny that! The platform is my favourite of all the socials and I have to admit, on my personal account I have 7893 posts which date back to 2011. Addicted much?

In my last post about IG, I spoke of how the platform had grown up since it\’s humble beginnings of being a place where you post your smart phone images with a cool filter. Back then images were often grainy due to smart phone camera quality and the filters rarely made the situation better. However, it got us all hooked.

Today, unlike back then, it is completely acceptable to be taking images on any type of camera and fully editing them before posting. Instagram accounts are created specifically for businesses, blogs and categories and not sure personal (this could be where I mention I do have a fav account I follow which involves very cute puppies…because puppies right?).

In 2019, the successful accounts on Instagram (apart from the celebs) are those that have carved out a certain style/mood and ensure that all images are cohesive . This allows the account to formulate brand recognition on each post and deliver the wow factor when a user taps over to their profile page.

And now you\’re wondering how you can do the same right?

Creating a style/mood to your Instagram account can be as simple or as difficult as you like it to be. I have friends and colleagues that just take pics on their phones, edit them with one filter only and post them. Others, use DSLR images, editing them carefully before delivering the end product to their accounts. It really is entirely up to you and how much time and skill you have. However, the most important element is consistency and the best way to keep yourself on track is to create a simple stye guide.

What is in a social media style guide?

Not a huge amount to be honest, but it speaks volumes. The trick is to print it out and hang it up in your work space, or simply save it to your phone to reflect on and double check over when you need to.

Elements to include :

Example Images – Throw some of your own images in that meet the style you\’re wanting to continue throughout your account. Or if you haven\’t got any yet, grab some from places like Pinterest to create the mood you\’re wishing to portray in your style guide.

Image Editing Style – This can simply the IG filter you use or go into more detail of the exact editing.

Tip: A great place to find unique editing styles for VSCO or Lightroom apps is over on Pinterest. Search VSCO filters or Lightroom presets.

Colours –  Find a colour pallet that suits your style/mood or one you already use in your business. Include hex codes for ease of duplicating the same colour in any designed content.

Tip: Once again head to Pinterest for colour scheme inspiration. Here is our Colour Scheme board.

Branded Content – Create memes or quotes to break up your profile a little? Try to always use similar templates. Include these in your style guide.

Tip: Get a designer to create you some meme templates that are unique to your business.

Typography – Very important! If you have current brand fonts, these are what you need to be using here. If you don\’t, take some time to choose two that work well together and always use these when designing branded content.

Tip: Have a look over at this site for some font pairing inspo.

Submarks – These little elements of your brand are great to include in your branded content. Be sure to include them in your style guide. Our submark is our special little \’e\’, I pop it on any branded imagery I want to people to recognise as ours, but not necessarily need to see the entire logo.

Here is a little something I prepared earlier…

I created the below style guide during my most recent IG overhaul and very happy for you to use it as an example.


I use Illustrator for these types of things , however you can use free tools like Canva or PicMonkey to get the same affect with little design skills.

Now if you feel you need more guidance or support in creating your own social style guide, please let us help! Drop us a message over HERE.

Go forth now fellow Instagrammers … and show the internet your style of WOW. If you haven\’t already…give us a follow (see below) and we will throw one back at you.