Content Calendar: How To Stop Writers Block When Creating Blog Content

Writing great content for your website can be a mammoth task that seems overwhelming and never-ending.  However, it doesn\’t need to be like this and the simple use of a content calendar can have you sorted out in a jiffy!

That regular commitment

Committing to regularly updating your website with relevant content is probably something you have started doing because you have heard it is great SEO for you.  Rightfully so.  Having a blog on your website that is regularly updated is a fantastic way to let the Google Gods know you exist and send more traffic your way.  It also engages your current clients like no other.  Especially if the content you are creating is interesting, written in a personable manner and solves a common problem.

Those mind blank feels

All of this isn\’t helpful when you\’re sitting in front of your computer screen at 10:13 am on a Thursday, coffee as company and with the pressure on to blog about something, all because you had committed yourself to blogging for your business website.

Maybe you think you have nothing to say

When I hear clients say they have nothing to blog about in their business or that nothing has been happening lately, I ask them these questions:

  1. Did you get new products in this week/month? Yes?  Well you have something to blog about!
  2. Did someone celebrate a milestone in your business recently?  Yes?  Well you have something to blog about.
  3. Is there new laws, licencing, regulations in your industry?  Yes? Well you have something to blog about?
  4. Do you have a new staff member?  Yes? Well you have something to blog about.
  5. Have you got a sale happening or coming up? Yes? Well you have something to blog about.

My list of questioning can go on and on and usually by the end of our chat, we have a stack of ideas ready to be placed in their content calendar.

Then in the coming weeks with those ideas in place, I start seeing my clients blog appear in my newsfeed and I fist pump the air with success. (The sort of fist pump saved only for the perfect cup of coffee made by my fav barista.)

So what do you do next?

Well, download the content calendar I have included below.  Start writing down ideas ready for expanding on them later.  Refer to the content calendar each Thursday at 10:30 am when not even coffee will spark those creative juices.



Click to download.