Adding Some Zing To Your Google My Business Listing

Welcome to the Google My Business series with ethne.! Last time we gave you a step by step guide on how to get started with Google My Business (GMB) and setup a basic listing, now we’re back on some tips to add that extra bit of zing to your listing and how to maintain it into the future.

Add that extra shine

  • Make sure all your business info is up to date – Head for the info tab on the left hand side panel once you are logged into your GMB listing and ensure all relevant fields have been filled out. Make sure you put some attention towards fields such as opening hours, services,contact details and business description.

  • Add quality photos and lots of them! – One of the most crucial ways to give your listing that extra shine is a series of good quality photos that showcase your business and the services/products you provide to potential customers or clients. GMB makes it easy for you by breaking photo folders into areas such as interior, exterior and team photos. If you really want to tell the story of your business, make sure you include some video as well.

What makes an image high quality you ask? Here’s some pointers:

  • Ensure the image isn’t blurry or pixelated in any way.
  • The image should be relevant to your business or service in some way.
  • Make sure you use a variety of different images/video to showcase the different aspects of your business, not just one.

  • Setup messaging for easy reply to enquiries and reviews – Head to the apple or google play app store on your mobile and download the Google My Business app onto your device to make sure you are notified whenever a review of your business comes through so you can respond pronto.

Now that your listing is looking fab, how can you maintain it?

They key to maintaining your GMB listing is firstly to set yourself weekly reminders to check in on your reviews to ensure they are being responded to. Along with responding to reviews, you’ll also need to add new imagery/videos when it becomes available and update your opening hours over different periods throughout the year (eg: public holidays or the Christmas break). To keep your listing firing on all cylinders make the most of creating your own content through publishing posts in the GMB system – something we’ll tell you all about in the next installment of our series!